Old projects I worked on, mainly backups from before college. Feel free to reuse any code, but Iím nor responsible for anything it may or may not do.

A two player networked space shooter., featuring Newtonian physics,a fractal planet with volumetric clouds,and some register combine effects.

A senior year project on mathematical modeling, featuring wolves, sheep, and invasive species. Visualization done with the Aldune Engine(See Below)

An AIM AI that could take and deliver messages, respond to simple questions about the owners state and contact info, and collect away messages for future viewing. Logic written in (messy) Perl, and GUI in C++

A 3D engine supporting per-pixel lighting, shadow maps, terrain, vegetation, and animated Quake2 models.

A small GUI app for generating fBm fractals.


Aldune 3D Engine


Genetic Algorithm Project

Fractal Generation Program

Project List

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